Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Supersize This!

I think the last straw was the one sticking out of my soda. That's pop for those of you living in the Midwest. We stopped on the Pennsylvania turnpike a couple of days ago for a coke. The greasy kid behind the Burger King counter charged me $1.99. And with tax it was $2.11. For a coke... I could have brought one from home for less than 50 cents.
Have you noticed that a lot of manufacturers are keeping prices the same, but they're ever-so-slightly reducing the size of their products? Cereal, toothpaste, canned corn- you name it. These corporate crooks may be greedy but they're not stupid. You have to take a close look to notice the difference. Pringles reduced the weight of its chips from 200 grams to 170 grams. Bryers Ice Cream- was 1.75 quarts. Now 1.5 quarts. Wrigley's gum cut the number of sticks from 17 to 15. That's getting the short end of the stick. Boxes of Cheerios went from 10 ounces to 8.9 ounces. This is all such a dirty business. Dial soap shaved its bars from 4.5 ounces to 4 ounces. The maker of Quilted Northern toilet tissue reduced the amount of paper in it's rolls. That's really hitting below the belt. Hershey's famous 8-ounce chocolate bar is now an infamous 6.8 ounces. That's 15% less. I can't be sure, but the Egg McMuffin I ate the other day sure looked smaller than what I remember getting before. It's just not fair. And I'll tell you what's even worse. With all of these food products getting smaller how come I keep getting bigger? I should be losing weight like crazy! And where does this corporate cutback spree end? I heard one guy complain there are fewer ribs in his condoms! I hope that's the only piece of his equipage that's been reduced. And somebody else thinks his size 10 shoes are really 9 1/2. I just looked at my last bank statement, and it's smaller than ever. Somebody call a cop. Looks like we've been robbed!

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