Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Republican Holiday Party

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House
Right wingers are slurring, Obama’s a louse

The mocking begun, intending to sc
In hopes their disgust
would soon be laid bare

Lobbyists all smug in their states crimson Red

Plotting escape from the dems they all dread

In shock disbelief from their election night zap
They’d just settled plans to get cong
ress back

With Palin long gone, arose the mad hatter
It’s dirty Dick
Cheney, full of mad blather

Away to the Veeper’s top secret stash
Tore open his checkbook
, filled with GOP cash

There’s no time to rest, there are rumors to sow
With swift boat veterans, it’s on with the show

When what to my plundering eyes should appear
But tiny Karl Rove's, vendetta and fear

A political genius, at old party tricks
He knew right away, to get in his licks

Fast and illegal Rove’s couriers came
And he whistled and shouted and loudly proclaimed

Now Romney, Now Rumsfeld, Now Rudy and Jindal
On Crist, On Pawlenty, On Libby and McConnell

So up to the House-top conservatives flew
For a ruthless payback, that's long overdue

They’re plan, it was shocking, they needed a jerk
Lieberman helped with his own dirty work

Liberal dems they need to dispose
Hillary, Kerry, Teddy must go

Rumors, innuendo, to make them all bristle
Conservatives took aim at the lard and the gristle

And I heard them exclaim, to Ann Coulter's delight
Wait till 2012, when we're back for a fight!

(Up next: The Democrats respond)

Copyright 2008

All rights reserved

No part can be reprinted or reused in any way without express written permission from the author

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