Sunday, November 23, 2008

California Dreaming

Trina and I just spent two magical weeks in California. For those of us who normally reside on the right coast, California is like visiting another country. We fly into Los Angeles on Virgin America. Very fitting since this is my wife's first visit to LaLa Land.

San Diego:

As Trina and I drive South to visit friends near San Diego we pass through awe inspiring territory. Namely, a mountain wilderness packed with enough dead brush to kindle one of those massive wildfires California is famous for. That is, when they’re not having mudslides, earthquakes, plague, etc. We hurtle down the freeway in bumper-to-bumper traffic so dense you can get out and walk across the moving cars. Adding to the excitement are deep pockets of fog. It’s the kind of fog you see on those TV News reports about thousand car pile-ups. Stopping to stretch our legs and de-whiten my knuckles, there are signs warning us to watch out for Rattlesnakes. Now this is paradise! Our friends, Tom & Marcy, take us to lunch at a very nice outdoor restaurant. We chat about old times while fighter jets from Miramar dive-bomb our table. Nothing like the deafening roar of turbocharged afterburners to enhance any fine dining experience.

Laguna Beach:

Most people don’t know this. But the name Laguna Beach comes from a Native American word meaning, “people with suitcases filled with cash”. This is a great place to watch wealthy people at play. Hummers, Rolls Royces, Ferraris and Maseratis, all jam into shopping malls filled with expensive restaurants and shops. Again, we stay with friends, Tim & Patty. Tim takes us out on their boat. We motor along past an armada of luxury sailboats, yachts, and ocean-going catamarans. Hordes of Sea Lions are draped across the main decks of the boats that don’t have security guards. Those Sea Lion-infested boats are filthy! But the beasts seem quite happy camped out on their pirated vessels. Trina, our wilderness photographer, quickly snaps 32-hundred photos, having fallen in love with Sea Lions. Sadly, our boat ride is cut short. Dangerous currents? A hurricane? Tidal waves? No. Just more impenetrable fog. Once back on shore it's time for dinner. Fortunately, Tim & Patty know the best places to eat. And they can help us pronounce the names of all the fancy dishes on the menu. We eat at the Chez Moritz. That’s Native American for “leave your first born with the Maitre d’.


Hollywood! And our encounter with Michael Jackson in his PJs!!

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